Publishing at Medium has been fun. I have several blogs at Medium. When you don't have the writer's block, that is a good thing, but sometimes having too much can be a problem too. Sometimes you can have so much and so many ideas that you don't know where to put them. The thing to do is just write, write, write, and I have been writing everywhere for free. I feel worn out sometimes writing for nothing. Sometimes I'm at Blogger, WordPress, and Over-blog is just so wonderful. However, by the time I get to Over-blog, I feel that I have repeated myself. So at this moment, I feel that I need to write how I feel. Over-blog is great for sharing what you have already written. It's a great blog platform I hope doesn't change.

As far as publishing at Medium, it is great in it's way as well. You can take all of your articles from Blogger and WordPress and import them to Medium. Then you can blog all in one place. You can continue on Blogger and WordPress for the sake of your fans, and embed your articles from other blog platforms. So I have been quite busy with writing.

Over-Blog is the best as far as looking forward to getting some cash. You won't feel that you are writing for nothing when you write. People don't understand that you have a lot to give, but you just don't want to give it all away for free. There are people that need to understand the writer's point of view. It's just not right to give all of your work away. You are making others rich, and sometimes I feel that we do not get all that we deserve when we start with 1 cent. You may have given 5 articles to a site and may have given more than what you have earned. At Over-blog, you do receive something. However, you should never give up on your writing. When a site gives you a chance to receive some cash, it makes you feel a lot better about writing. You can also write better because you feel that you are writing for something, and that makes a writer look forward to writing.

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